Welcome to the Old Bedford Modernians Lodge


We are a masonic Lodge that meets in the Province of Bedfordshire, we have over 50 members based all over the globe. The school is the very reason for our Lodge’s existence and we are all OBM alumni, teachers, parents of sons and daughters who attended the school, current or past employees, suppliers even the past groundsman!

Our home is our beloved School, we meet four times per year on the first Saturday in the months of February, May, October and December. Our Christmas meetings are lots of fun and we usually enjoy festive celebrations with over 100 masons!

We have an active lodge who regularly organise social outings for our members, their families and non-members alike. We raise lots of money for worthwhile causes in the Province, namely the MCF (Masonic Charitable Foundation) where our aim as a Province is to raise and donate £1m by the end of 2026.