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W.Bro Jimmy Stott – 60 Years a Freemason

Picture the Old Bedford Modernians’ Lodge No 5268.  We are meeting in Rushden for a change and carrying out a 3rd Degree ceremony.  All has gone very well with the candidate, Bro Tom, who not only answered his questions splendidly but also reciting his 2nd Degree Obligation.  WBro James Lees is acting as WM, Bro James B, our JD, shares the rest of the Master’s work with VWBro Nick Edwards, a lodge member. WBro James (Jimmy) Stott was  called out to receive his 60th Year Certificate.  The Lodge not only had a general knowledge quiz on the year of his Initiation, 1961, but also a masonic history of Bro Jim himself. From his Initiation in a lodge in a tiny village in North East Scotland, to London, Hampshire and Isle of Wight and lastly Bedfordshire – the premier province. Bro Jim exhibited all the qualities of a good man and a good mason.  Dedication, skill at ritual, a concern for the welfare of our new brethren and those in need, a happy and cheerful disposition and, above all, a kind heart.In the photo he is flanked by the DPGM and his blood brother, WBro Dennis Stott. Around him are members of the Lodge.  A happy and joyous occasion indeed. 

Our latest meeting was held at the Keep in Kempston. We held a business meeting discussing the return to normal lodge proceedings along with plenty of discussions on our charitable tasks for the year and what social events we have coming up. W.Bro J Lees took the chair for the meeting with W.Bro Andrew Young keeping the brethren in order whilst discussions were had! This picture was taken shortly after the meeting with everyone wishing W.Bro Colin Humphry’s a speedy recovery.

W.Bro James Lees’s middle son Arthur pictured here with the Provincial Grand Master wearing the PGM’s jewels. Arthur was supporting his dad and other members of the Bedfordshire Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards at the recent Ladies Christmas luncheon, attended by over 30 widows and their escorts made up of Almoners of each respective lodge.

W.Bro Andrew Young presenting the OBM Lodge award to Padmi Fordham. The award is a donation towards further studies to a pupil(s) that have shown excellence in their respective field. Padmi is currently studying Medical studies at Birmingham University and has just secured her first in Hospital placement. Congratulations and best of luck Padmi!

At our last Christmas meeting W.Bro’s Colin Humphrys and Dennis Stott presented Mrs Doreen Lambert with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a plaque that included the OBM’s banner and a thank you message for over 30 years of wonderful service and food supplied to the Lodge at the festive boards that follow our regular meetings.

Pictured here you will see W.Bro Dennis Stott at the chair of King Solomon alongside his oldest son Andrew on his initiation into the Lodge. Also pictured amongst the Brethren are Uncle W.Bro Jimmy Stott and now brother brother Ian Stott! Two other father and sons also pictured here!

Over 200 Years in Masonry! Picture here are V.W.Bro Gordon Staple, W.Bro Mike Cave, our PGM, Bro Lewis Cleaver (Initiate) W.Bro Ian Brown and W. Bro xxx being presented with 50 and 60 years in masonry certificates. What a fantastic evening had by all and what an achievement by these fine Brethren.

Lees installs Stephen into the Chair of KS to become the 77th Master of the Old Bedford Modernians Lodge 5268. A well attended installation ceremony with over 60 guests in attendance. Meeting at the school makes this ever the more special for all involved. Our first ceremony back will be an initiation of Mr Lewis Cleaver. Best of luck Robert!

W.Bro’s Jim Lees and James Lees seen here on James’s installation as Master of the Lodge. After paying for his school fees for 10 years, I wonder if Lees Junior covered the cost of his Dad’s meal on the night? Our WM invested his father as SW of the lodge on the evening. Over 55 years of Masonry combined with these two pictured. Many more years enjoying freemasonry as father and son we are certain to follow!

3 good mates at school, now 3 brothers of the same. W.Bro J Lees pictured here with Bro’s Tom Cropley and Bavesh Shah. They have shared many good times together as friends in school, sports teams and socially. Now enjoy each others company at our regular masonic meetings! This is what freemasonry is all about!

June 2020 saw a fantastic event where members of the OBM lodge travelled to Ontario, Canada and met up with a number of OBM alumni. Great times had sharing fond memories of the school and the lodge. A couple even braved the journey over the boarder from the US for this special lunch. It is after all a worldwide fraternity!

One of a number of visits to Lodges in Ontario, Canada. Pictured here are W.Bro’s Lees, Humphrys, Stott and Lees with W.Bro Roy and Bro Vikram Kumar. The lodge presented hand made gavels wonderfully crafted by bro Burn on behalf of the lodge. W.Bro Lees Jnr is associated with the Wellington Square Lodge number 702 from having worked and introduced his business partner Bro Kumar into masonry.

Another meeting of the OBM’s with Wellington Square Lodge 702 of Canada. This is becoming a bit of a habit! Why not? Masonry is worldwide and a wonderful organisation where we can meet new people from all over the world who share a common goal, to become better.

The start of the OBM’s on tour, a visit to the Grand Lodge of Canada. W.Bro Jim Lees (left) managed to find the lodge his Dad was initiated into in a small town in Mississauga some 85 years ago. The welcome from the organisers at Grand Lodge Ontario was superb, and a trip to the Scottish Rite building followed. Roll on 2022 Trip!

Our W.M W.Bro James Lees passing his good friend and schoolmate Bro Tom Cropley to the 2nd Degree. Congratulations on a fantastic evening both, lots of fun and laughter shared amongst the brethren and raising over £200 for charity on the night too! Another fantastic ceremony enjoyed by 20 members and 18 guests from 14 different lodges!

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