Our affiliation with Bedford Modern School

We have a long standing affilation with the school since our concecration in 1931. We pride ourselves with being the last remianing school lodge in the Province that still has its mother school in operation today. Our personal and close connections with the school spent during our educational life has enforced close bonds with the school, its staff and the pupils of our each of our members respective school years. We asked a couple of the members thier thoughts on what it meant to be involved with OBM’s and being a member of thier School Lodge…

Masonry extends its arms throughout the world, as does the OBM Club, now run by the school.

In 2019, 4 members of the OBM lodge travelled to Toronto, Canada, for a few days, to participate in a Lodge ceremony involving a business colleague of one of us.

The school put us in touch with a number of OBM’s who live in the Toronto area to see if any of them would like to meet up for a meal and a few beers. A meeting was arranged with a date, time and venue. A wonderful convivial evening was enjoyed by 3 OBM’s resident in Canada, 4 OBM’s who travelled to Canada and 3 members of our host Lodge who were visiting. This was reported in the Eagle News following our return home.

This exercise showed that it is possible to bring people together who would not have known each other were it no for the fact we had on major thing in common; The School.

W.Bro Colin Humphrys (Lodge Past Master and Secretary, School 1957 – 1961)

Some 25 Years ago, on the inspiration of the late Cedric Woodger (Past President of the OBM Club) and others, the Lodge established a fund for the benefit of school pupils. Since then the Lodge has made an annual award to one or more especially deserving pupils to support their further education. These wards, which have amounted to more then £7,5000 over the last 10 years, have been regular reported in the Eagle News.

W.Bro Andrew Young (Past Master and Master Elect for 2022-23, Pupil 1968 – 1977).

The ability for me to have a masonic meeting at the school was the main reason for me joining the OBM’s lodge. Having enjoyed many years as a pupil from year 9, the ability to meet in my old school hall, surrounded by good memories of times gone past, coupled to the life lessons taught in our degrees was very moving and fitting. I loved my time at the school and look forward to being able to meet there again and create many more fond memories with my friends, family and brothers!

W.Bro James Lees (Past Master and Pupil OBM 1996-2001)

As a parent of two sons, both of whom were pupils of Bedford Modern, the elder one (Andrew) who joined the Middle School aged nine and left at age sixteen. (1985-92). The younger one (Ian) went at age seven and left at age eighteen. (1985-96). Ian was a very sport orientated boy, which gave me along with other parents the opportunity to stand on the touch line whilst watching both football and rugby being played in the Winter time and watching cricket in the Summer time. As for myself, as a Freemasonry, I was a regular guest for a number of years and when the opportunity arose to become a Joining Member, I readily agreed to do so, some twelve years ago. The meetings in my early days were always held at the school and one could sense the pride in those “old boys” that this was something that was so special to them and  Freemasonry gave them the opportunity to extend their connection with the school. I am delighted to say that both my sons are now Freemasonry and I have had the privilege of bringing them both into this wonderful fraternity of like minded people

W.Bro Dennis E Stott (Past Master and Father of Pupils Andrew and Ian 1985-96 inc)

School History

BMS has its origins in the Bedford Charity, born from the endowments left by Sir William Harpur in the sixteenth century.

Originally it was known as ‘the Writing School’, teaching copper plate handwriting in what is now the old Town Hall in St. Paul’s Square, Bedford. In 1834 it moved to prestigious mock Tudor Gothic premises, designed by Edward Blore in Harpur Square, the frontage of which is now part of the Harpur (shopping) Centre. The site became increasingly cramped, and in 1974 BMS moved again to its purpose-built premises on Manton Lane.

The School has had four names – the Writing School, the English School, the Commercial School and finally Bedford Modern School, the last change being made in 1873 to reflect the School’s modern curriculum, providing an education for the professions. Until the Second World War BMS provided education not only for the locality but also for many colonial and military personnel seeking good education for their young families. Since then BMS has grown considerably, becoming an independent school in 1976 and a coeducational day school in 2003, continuing to provide an education which is modern, rigorous and relevant.

The School Today

Bedford Modern School is a co-educational day school for boys and girls aged between 7 and 18. Students are welcomed into Years 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12 and entry into other year groups is dependent on availability. The Junior School accommodates students from Years 3 to 6 in a purpose built environment and the Sixth Form Centre, in the Rutherford Building, provides a dedicated space for our Year 12 and 13 students.

For direct admissions to the school, follow this link: https://www.bedmod.co.uk/admissions/ the main contact details can be found below.